Rachael Cardella
Designer & Photographer

About Me

When I was a kid, my greatest ambition in life was to own a Bengal tiger of my very own. I founded The Tiger Club, Est. 1986, consisting of myself and my childhood best friend. I crafted beautiful presentations out of crayon and colored pencil, full of convincing graphs and illustrations. I plead my case for a tiger with bulleted lists of fascinating facts. For example, did you know that a group of tigers is called an ‘ambush’? Well, if that doesn’t sway you to go out and buy your young child a tiger, I’m just not sure what that says about you and your sense of reason.

My daydreams were full of time at the pool, swimming with my tiger – all casual like, naps snuggled into my tiger’s soft furry underbelly, and rides around town on his broad, striped back. While it was an alluring daydream, I can now appreciate why my parents never relented to my incessant pleading to keep an enormous deadly predator in the backyard, you know, in between the vegetable garden and the tire swing.

Today my ambitions are quite different: to live a life that I’m proud of, to use my experience and expertise to develop effective design solutions for exceptional customers, to artistically capture treasured moments through the lens of my camera, and to eventually pay tribute to a childhood obsession by working on a tiger-focused children’s book.

  • Amount Of Childhood Spent Researching Bengal Tigers 65%
  • Love of Good Coffee & Stunning Photography 90%
  • Patience With Slow Internet Connections 13%
  • Dedication to Providing Effective Design Solutions 100%

Years of Design Experience

Awards for Design, Illustration & Photography

The Stuff You Care About

Throughout my professional career I’ve had many titles – Graphic Designer, Art Director, Illustrator, Photographer, Marketing Director, even the very verbose title of Graphic Services and Public Relations Project Manager. I have been the brand and marketing manager for a premier Alaskan insurance agency, as well as a four-campus community college; produced award-winning advertising pieces and illustrations for numerous clients; used an artistic eye to capture weddings, births and countless special moments; worked with nonprofits and coordinated charity events; developed effective identities and provided creative design solutions for many local businesses.

Through it all, is a deep respect for people and positive experience, and a sincere enthusiasm for seeing my clients thrive and succeed.